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At APIBUZZ, we comprehend the crucial significance of treatments for bee mites effectively. This is essential for sustaining the health and vitality of your bee colonies. We have a comprehensive selection of beekeeping supplies. We carefully choose these bee supplies to offer beekeepers high-quality tools and solutions for effective varroa management.

Bee Mites Treatment - APIBUZZ

Explore Our Varroa Strips for Varroa Control:
Uncover unparalleled efficacy in the battle against varroa mite infestation with our advanced varroa strips. We carefully engineered these strips for optimal performance. They present a potent solution designed to ensure the well-being of your precious honey bee colonies.

We craft our mite strips for honey bees with the latest techniques. They are beekeepers' reliable allies against this common threat. Experience ease of use combined with powerful varroa control, making these strips an essential tool in your fight for the health of your hives. Choose our varroa strips to fortify your defenses and maintain a thriving environment for your honey bee colonies.

Our Varroa Strips Selection:

Dive into our range of specialized varroa strips, including fluvalinate strips, flumethrin strips, and amitraz strips. Our brand is synonymous with top-tier beekeeping products, each tailored for specific needs:


       Our APIFLUVA-PRO Strips serve as the ultimate solution when facing drug-resistant Varroa mites. These strips have a strong dose of fluvalinate, dealing a powerful blow to make sure Varroa mites can't thrive in your beehives.


      For basic bee mite treatment, we offer APIFLUVA Strips. Infusing these strips with a standard dose of fluvalinate provides a robust defense against these unwanted invaders. This helps in preserving the well-being of your honey bee colonies.


       Keep a balance between effectiveness and gentleness. Our INS FLUVA Strips are ideal for mild varroa treatment. These strips contain a low dose of tau-fluvalinate, ensuring minimal impact on your honey bee colonies. Additionally, they are still effective in tackling mites.


       Beekeepers facing drug-resistant Varroa mites can use our APIFLUME Strips, specifically designed for this challenge. They provide an effective solution based on flumethrin. Engineered to control beekeeping mites that have developed resistance to conventional treatments, these strips provide an effective solution.


       Look for a slow-release amitraz solution for Varroa destructor treatment. Our VAROXPERT Strips are the answer. They ensure a consistent and long-lasting defense against mites.


       Dealing with drug-resistant varroa mites in your beehive? Our APIXPERT Strips provide a slow release of flumethrin, offering sustained protection and overcoming resistance.

Apiary Aqueous Solution
Dive into our range of choicely apiary aqueous solutions. Check the chemical control ways to save infested colonies of honey bees. The solutions have a delicate yet potent formula. They embody a holistic approach to varroa mite treatment, ensuring a harmonious balance within your beekeeping ecosystem.

Our Featured Solutions:

 LINGMAN 12.5%EC Amitraz Solution

      Harness the power of amitraz with our LINGMAN 12.5%EC solution. Specially formulated, this solution provides an effective means of controlling varroa mites. It contributes to the overall health and vitality of your bee population. Say goodbye to the challenges posed by varroa mite infestations with this trusted solution.

SALUD-BEE 20% EW Tau-fluvalinate Solution  

      Embrace the efficacy of tau-fluvalinate with our SALUD-BEE 20% EW solution. Beekeepers use SALUD-BEE to combat varroa mites. This aqueous solution offers a reliable method for controlling the varroa mite population within your apiary. Safeguard your bee population and foster a thriving beekeeping environment with this exceptional solution.

LINGMAN 10% BTMAC Solution

      Our LINGMAN 10% BTMAC solution provides a unique and effective approach to varroa mite control. Designed to regulate the varroa mite population, this aqueous solution focuses on balanced treatment. It ensures the sustained well-being of your bee colonies. Elevate your beekeeping practices with this innovative solution that combines efficacy with environmental harmony.

Organic Varroa Mite Treatment:
At our core, we embrace the ethos of organic varroa mite treatment. This underscores a commitment to your bees' well-being and the sustainable approach of your beekeeping endeavors. Our array of organic solutions is a testament to our dedication to fostering robust bee colonies and environmental harmony.

Featured Products:

 MYTH-BEE Oxalic Acid for Bees

      Introducing MYTH-BEE —— a cutting-edge oxalic acid-based product. We design it to combat bee varroosis.


      The application of oxalic acid has gained prominence in recent years. MYTH-BEE stands out as a favored choice among beekeepers. Prioritize the health of your bee colonies. This organic varroa mite treatment aligns seamlessly with sustainable beekeeping practices.

BEE-BESTIE - Microbial Honey Bee Supplements

      Improve your beekeeping practices with BEE-BESTIE. Microbial honey bee supplements are in our range. These specially formulated bee feeds enrich bees with organic probiotic supplements, boosting their immunity, promoting colony health, and increasing bee population.


      Our high-quality bee nutrition products serve as effective adjuvant therapy treatments for common bee diseases. These include European and American foulbrood, bee chalkbrood disease, sacbrood disease, and Chronic bee paralysis. Ensure your bees receive the essential nutrients they need to thrive and stay healthy. This reduces the varroa mite load and fortifies your beekeeping efforts.


Tools for Varroa Management:

Step into the future of beekeeping with our comprehensive array of tools strictly crafted for effective varroa management. We have cutting-edge application devices and precision instruments in our curated collection.

We design this collection to streamline the varroa mite treatment process. It empowers beekeepers to take control of their apiaries. Each tool in this collection is a testament to our commitment to simplifying your beekeeping journey. Additionally, it contributes to the overall health of your bee colonies.

Featured Products:

Electric Varrojet: Transform your varroa management strategy with the Electric Varrojet. This innovative device offers precise and efficient application of varroa treatment, ensuring targeted and effective results in your beehives.

Oxalic Acid Vaporizer for Bees: Harness the power of organic varroa mite treatment with our Oxalic Acid Vaporizer. We design this tool for the controlled release of oxalic acid vapor. It provides a safe and potent solution to combat varroa mites and promote bee colony health.

Varroa Easy Check: Simplify your varroa mite monitoring with the Varroa Easy Check. This user-friendly tool allows beekeepers to assess varroa mite infestation levels quickly and accurately. It facilitates timely intervention and treatment.

FAM Dispenser: The FAM Dispenser stands as a pinnacle of precision in varroa management. This dispenser offers controlled and measured release of formic acid. A valuable tool for beekeepers looking to maintain optimal conditions in their beehives.

Acetic and Formic Acid Dispenser: Embrace controlled and efficient varroa management with our Acetic and Formic Acid Dispenser. This top-quality beekeeping tool ensures the safe and effective application of formic and acetic acid. We specifically design it for mite varroa destructor treatment. Its innovative design flexibly varies liquid steaming speed while providing beekeepers with full control over the medicine dosage.

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- Quality Assurance: Trust in the reliability of our products. APIBUZZ ensures that each item undergoes rigorous quality checks, meeting the highest industry standards. Your beekeeping supplies are in good hands.

- Innovation: Stay at the forefront of beekeeping with APIBUZZ's innovative solutions. Addressing the evolving challenges in the beekeeping industry is our commitment. We provide you with bees' tools and varroa infestation treatments that make a difference.

- Sustainable Approach: Embrace eco-friendly beekeeping practices with APIBUZZ - the beekeeper's shop. Our range includes chemical treatments and organic varroa mite treatment options. This allows you to care for your bees and the environment simultaneously.

- Customer Support: Your journey matters. Our dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way. Have a question or need assistance? We're just a message away, ensuring you have a seamless beekeeping experience.

At APIBUZZ, we are not just offering beekeeping supplies online; we are partners in your commitment to responsible beekeeping. Shop our selection of bee varroa mite treatment solutions and beekeeping supplies today. Let's build a healthier and thriving apiary together!