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Co2 Varroa Tester

Co2 Varroa Tester

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Please note: CO2 Canister isn't included in the product since the International aviation security limitation. 

CO2 injection

In the CO2 method, bees and mites are rendered unconscious by exposure to carbon dioxide gas. The sample of anesthetized bees is then gently shaken in the varroa tester, causing the mites to fall from the bees and pass through the white basket’s holes. Research conducted in Europe indicates results that are similar in accuracy to those obtained by an alcohol wash.

Efficiency of Varroa monitoring methods, the benefits of standardized monitoring devices.

Ludovic de Feraudy, Dr. Ulrike Marsky & Ph.D Jiri Danihlik. - Apimondia 2019 proceeding. 


​If in doubt if your bees have many varroa mites, then this is the solution. ​ ​You catch 200 bees from the broodframe (avoid catching the queen). ​ ​Then you anesthetize them with CO2 gas. After 10-20 seconds shake the varroa counter for 10 seconds. ​ ​The varroa mites are also affected by the anesthetic and will fall off ​the bees. So they are easy to count and it's easy to evaluate the number ​ of mites in your hive. ​ ​The anesthetized bees will wake up after a short while and returned into the hive. ​ ​Easy and simple and gentle on the bees. ​ ​Use 16 gram CO2 bottles (1 bottle enough for 4-6 tests).

​TIP: use the CO2 dispenser gently in the beginning, since the bottle is under high pressure

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