Collection: Apiary Aqueous Solution - Mite Treatment for Bees

Introducing our revolutionary Apiary Aqueous Solution Series at APIBUZZ. In beekeeping, we design this comprehensive product series. We have products for effective mite treatment for bees, disinfecting the apiary environment and sterilizing beehives. Our cutting-edge products include:

LINGMAN 12.5%EC Amitraz Solution:

- Key Features: This potent solution is a formidable weapon against Varroa mites populations. With a 12.5% EC concentration of Amitraz, it provides a robust defense for your bee colonies.

- Specifications: Carefully formulated for maximum effectiveness, LINGMAN amitraz solution ensures precision in controlling varroa mites. It safeguards your bees without compromising hive health.

- Precautions: Prioritize safety during application. Wear protective gear. Follow recommended dosages, and adhere to safety guidelines for both your safety and that of your bees.

- Discounts: Exclusive discounts are available to enhance the value of your investment in Varroa mite control.

SALUD-BEE 20% EW Tau-fluvalinate Solution:

- Key Features: A powerful solution features with a 20% EW Tau-fluvalinate concentration for controlling mite varroa destructor. SALUD-BEE is your ally in maintaining a mite-free apiary environment.

- Specifications: Crafted for effectiveness, this solution offers targeted tau-fluvalinate treatment. Reduce mite load and ensures a healthy environment for your bees.

- Precautions: Handle with care and use protective measures during application. Follow recommended dosages to balance effective treatment with safety.

- Discounts: Exclusive discounts make SALUD-BEE an even more valuable choice for your beekeeping needs.

LINGMAN 10% BTMAC Solution:

- Key Features: LINGMAN 10% BTMAC solution, provides an effective means of disinfecting your apiary environment and sterilizing beekeeping tools. It has no side effect to your honey bee colonies.

- Specifications: We choicely craft this solution for thorough disinfection, ensuring a hygienic and disease-free beekeeping space.

- Precautions: Exercise caution during application, following safety notice to protect yourself and your bees.

- Discounts: Take advantage of exclusive discounts to maximize the benefits of LINGMAN for your beekeeping operation.

Series Highlights:

- Comprehensive Solution: The Apiary aqueous solution series is a one-stop solution for varroa mite treatment, apiary disinfection, and beehive disinfection.

- Environmentally Friendly: We design our solutions with environmental consciousness, providing effective results without harming ecosystem.

- Discount Offers: Exclusive discounts make investing in the health of your bees more affordable and rewarding.

Choose Apiary Aqueous Solution Series for unparalleled beekeeping success. Reduce varroa infestations! Cure infested colonies! Secure a thriving environment for your bees with our premium solutions. 🐝🍯