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INS FLUVA Mite Strips for Bee Hive

INS FLUVA Mite Strips for Bee Hive

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Protect your bee colony from deadly pests with INS FLUVA mite strips for bee hive, a solution for early and mild varroa mite treatment. This initial miticide is an essential tool for beekeepers looking to maintain the health and well-being of their hives. With a low residual and low dose of tau-fluvalinate, Ins Fluva helps prevent damage to developing honey bees while keeping your hive healthy.

Our affordable and easy-to-use varroa mite treatment is perfect for beekeepers of all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals. With its reliable and effective formula, Ins Fluva is a trusted choice for beekeepers looking to protect their bees from varroa mites.

Designed with bee health in mind, Ins Fluva varroa strips are gentle on honey bees, while still offering powerful protection against varroa mites. Our sustainable and natural beekeeping supplies promote hive health and keep your bees thriving.

Don't let varroa mites take over your hive - buy Ins Fluva varroa strips now and keep your bees healthy and productive. Our trusted product is designed to support your beekeeping efforts and ensure the longevity of your bee colony.


  • Proprietary Name: INS FLUVA Mite Strips
  • Generic Name: Fluvalinate Strip
  • Composition: Tau-Fluvalinate
  • Packing Size: 20 Strips/Packet
  • Strip Size: 21cm(L) x 3cm(W)
  • Efficacy: Economic strips for mild varroa mite disease.
  • Shelf Life: 4 Years
  • Dosage: Apply 1~2 strips for 10-frame beehive (Recommend). After 5-7 days, replace or add strips (same dose) one more time. Administer the medication 3-4 times as a complete course of treatment.
  • Trial is required: Choose 3 or 5 bee colonies for trial before applying to the whole colonies. Make a specific medicine using plan after observing 24~48 hours of the trial. It’s better to conduct the trial in the morning of sunny day and adjust dose according to actual situation. Increase or reduce dose or medicine applying time on the condition that there are step hives,less comb frames or severe varroa mites disease.
  • Precautions: Do not use it during honey flow period.


INS FLUVA Mite Strips for Bee Hive
INS FLUVA Mite Strips for Bee Hive
INS FLUVA Mite Strips for Bee Hive
INS FLUVA Mite Strips for Bee Hive
INS FLUVA Mite Strips for Bee Hive


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