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APITHYMO Gel in Bulk - Thymol Bee Treatment - Varroa

APITHYMO Gel in Bulk - Thymol Bee Treatment - Varroa

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APITHYMO gel - thymol bee treatment, a trusted organic solution for varroa mite treatment and overall bee health. Our Thymol Gel comes in a convenient bulk packaging of 200g, perfect for beekeepers managing multiple hives or commercial operations.

Thymol is derived from natural sources, offering a near-natural approach to varroa mite treatment while ensuring the health and well-being of your bees. This organic treatment is known for its efficacy in controlling varroa mites and other pests, providing effective varroa control without harming bees or the environment.

In addition to varroa mite treatment, Thymol gel can also help in treating other beekeeping pests such as tracheal mites and chalkbrood, offering comprehensive pest management for bee colonies.

APITHYMO Gel in Bulk - Thymol Bee Treatment - VarroaAPITHYMO Gel in Bulk - Thymol Bee Treatment - VarroaAPITHYMO Gel in Bulk - Thymol Bee Treatment - VarroaAPITHYMO Gel in Bulk - Thymol Bee Treatment - VarroaAPITHYMO Gel in Bulk - Thymol Bee Treatment - VarroaAPITHYMO Gel in Bulk - Thymol Bee Treatment - Varroa


【Generic Name】Thymol Gel

【Proprietary Name】APITHYMO

【Active Ingredient】Thymol

【Description】It is a white gel with a special odour.

【Pharmacological Action】

APITHYMO, a slow-release gel containing thymol, has a unique mechanism. Thymol, a natural monoterpenoid phenol derived from p-Cymene and isomeric with carvacrol, is a component found in thyme oil. The gel functions like a sponge, with mesh size adjusting based on temperature fluctuations. When a temperature rises, thymol volatility increases, but the mesh of the gel decreases. In this way, thymol release is regulated.

APITHYMO has two complementary modes of action. Firstly, thymol vapor disperses through the colony aided by the bees' wing fanning, reaching and affecting varroa mites through inhalation. Secondly, worker bees carry and spread the gel within the colony during physical communication. APITHYMO effectively eliminates varroa mites by contact.

【Drug Interactions】Do not use APITHYMO in conjunction with other medications to avoid potential ineffectiveness.

【Action and Purpose】Used for the prevention and treatment of Varroa mites, Tracheal mites/Acarine, and chalkbrood.

【Dosage and Administration】

1. Use after harvesting bee products.

2. In temperatures ranging between 15°C to 30°C, administer 50g for each standard colony (10 frames of bees). Place a board with thymol gel evenly spread on it directly above the central frames in the hive. After 2-4 weeks, replace it with a new board based on the remaining thymol gel.

3. Do not use at temperatures below 15°C, halve the dosage at temperatures above 30°C, and reduce the replacement time based on the remaining gel in the box.

【Adverse Reactions】This product has no significant adverse reactions on healthy bee colonies.


1. Do not use APITHYMO when the bee colony is in abnormal conditions such as sugar deficiency, bee colony relocation, initial colony establishment, or other abnormal situations.

2. Use protective gloves and masks when applying the product.

3. Do not store with pesticides or other chemical substances.

4. Store in a place away from food and out of reach of children. Open the packaging just before use.

5. While APITHYMO can be used during the honey flow period, it is not recommended.    

【Withdrawal Period】Not to be determined.

【Content Specification】25%           

【Storage Method】Store in a cool, shaded area, in a sealed container.

【Shelf Life】2 years

【Packaging Specification】200g/ piece

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