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SALUD-BEE 20% EW Tau-fluvalinate Solution

SALUD-BEE 20% EW Tau-fluvalinate Solution

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  • Introducing the 20% EW SALUD-BEE Tau-fluvalinate Solution for Beekeeping, your ultimate solution for effective varroa mite treatment. With its exceptional kill rate of over 90% against Varroa destructor and tropilaelaps clareae, this solution ensures the health and vitality of your bee colonies, making it an indispensable part of your beekeeping accessories.
  • Designed to combat varroa mite infestations, this powerful solution provides reliable protection for your beehives. It exhibits remarkable effectiveness even in moisture conditions, outperforming varroa strips. The liquid formulation allows for better dispersion and absorption, ensuring thorough coverage in your hives.
  • The 20% EW Tau-fluvalinate Solution is specifically formulated to target varroa mites, the notorious threat to bee colonies. By utilizing this solution, you can effectively control and eliminate varroa mite infestations, safeguarding the well-being of your bees and the productivity of your hives.
  • Take proactive steps to protect your bees and maintain thriving beehives with the 20% EW SALUD-BEE Tau-fluvalinate Solution.Experience the peace of mind that comes with effective varroa mite control and witness the positive impact on your beekeeping success. Trust SALUD-BEE for superior beekeeping solutions.


SALUD-BEE 20% EW Tau-fluvalinate Solution - varroa destructor treatment - beekeeping starter kit
SALUD-BEE 20% EW Tau-fluvalinate Solution - antivarroa - varroa mite treatment - beekeeping


SALUD-BEE 20% EW Tau-fluvalinate Solution - mite treatment for bees - bee farming equipment


SALUD-BEE 20% EW Tau-fluvalinate Solution - honey bee supplies for sale - beehive mite treatment
SALUD-BEE 20% EW Tau-fluvalinate Solution - mavrik tau fluvalinate - beekeeping mite treatment
SALUD-BEE 20% EW Tau-fluvalinate Solution - mavrik tau fluvalinate - beekeeping tools - varroa treatment


bee hive equipment - varroa control


SALUD-BEE 20% EW Tau-fluvalinate Solution - beekeeping supplies - bees varroa mite

【Generic Name】20%EW Tau-fluvalinate Solution

【Brand Name】Salud-Bee

【 Description 】It occurs as a light yellow clear liquid.

【Pharmacological Action】This product is a specialized acaricide designed to target bee mites. Its primary mode of action is on the insect nervous system, specifically affecting tau-fluvalinate. It may also impact olfactory organs and other chemical receptors, leading to avoidance behaviors in insects. The mechanism of action is similar to other pyrethroid insecticides. With both contact and stomach poison effects, this product exhibits a kill rate of over 90% against Varroa destructor and tropilaelaps clareae. It takes effect within a few hours of application, causing mites to detach from bees and perish within 24 hours. Importantly, this product is safe for bees, with no adverse effects on the three types of bees' lifespan, and it poses low toxicity to humans and livestock
【Indications】 Used for the prevention and treatment of bee mite disease.

【Dosage & Administration】 Mix 1 ml of the solution with 2000-3000 ml of water. Adjust the spray nozzle of the sprayer to a 45-degree angle towards the honeycomb, ensuring a thin mist is sprayed onto the surface of the bees. For every 100 bee frames, use 1000 ml of the mixture. Apply the spray once every three days, and for a complete treatment, administer 3-4 consecutive sprays

【Drug Interactions】Degradation will occur when mixed with alkaline pesticides.

【Adverse Reactions】 It is toxic to silkworms and fish.


1.Dilute with pure water and use immediately.

2. When spraying, wear protective gloves and a mask; Do not smoke, eat or drink water, and wash hands after spraying. 

3.Discarded packaging should be collected and disposed of centrally.

4.Store in a place that is far away from food and out of the reach of children.

【Withdrawal period】It is prohibited during the honey flow period.

【Content Specification】 20% EW

【Package Specification】50ml/bottle

【Shelf Life】 3 years

【Storage Method】 Store in a sealed, cool, and dry place.

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