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APIFLUME Varroa Mite Strips | 20-Unit Pack

APIFLUME Varroa Mite Strips | 20-Unit Pack

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Looking for a powerful solution for controlling Varroa mite infestations in your bee colonies? APIFLUME Varroa Mite Strips are highly effective way to keep your bees healthy and thriving. These strips contain flumethrin, a potent ingredient that targets Varroa mites, including those that have developed resistance to other treatments. The strips are easy to use and long-lasting, making them a must-have for any beekeeper looking to maintain healthy, happy bee colonies. With the Apibuzz Apiflume 20-Strip Beekeeping Flumethrin Strips, you can ensure your bees are protected from Varroa mites and enjoy the benefits of strong, productive hives. Shop now and experience the power of Apiflume strips for yourself!


  • Proprietary Name: APIFLUME Varroa Mite Strips
  • Generic Name: Flumethrin Strip
  • Composition: Flumethrin
  • Packing Size: 20 Strips/Packet
  • Strip Size: 21cm(L) x 3.5cm(W)
  • Efficacy: The said product is for bee mite prevention and treatment. It has a strong killing effect on bee varroa mites with strong drug resistance.
  • Shelf Life: 4 Years
  • Dosage: Apply 1 strip for 10-frame beehive (Recommend). After 5-7 days, replace or add strips (same dose) one more time. Administer the medication 3-4 times as a complete course of treatment.
  • Trial is required: Choose 3 or 5 bee colonies for trial before applying to the whole colonies. Make a specific medicine using plan after observing 24~48 hours of the trial. It’s better to conduct the trial in the morning of sunny day and adjust dose according to actual situation.Increase or reduce dose or medicine applying time on the condition that there are step hives,less comb frames or severe varroa mites disease.
  • Precautions: Do not use it during honey flow period.


APIFLUME Varroa Mite Strips | 20-Unit Pack
APIFLUME Varroa Mite Strips | 20-Unit Pack
APIFLUME Varroa Mite Strips | 20-Unit Pack
APIFLUME Varroa Mite Strips | 20-Unit Pack
APIFLUME Varroa Mite Strips | 20-Unit Pack



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Arnis Lipins

APIFLUME Varroa Mite Strips | 20-Unit Pack

Antonello Daga
Strisce spettaccolari tutto ok

Strisce spettaccolari tutto ok

Hasan Yildirim
Hasan Yildirim

Top ware schnelle versand

Solon Shields

Ok,fast and trackable shipping service.

Arno Bins

Thank you all super run

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