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LINGMAN 12.5%EC Amitraz Solution

LINGMAN 12.5%EC Amitraz Solution

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Amitraz is a highly-effective acaricide (something that kills mites and ticks), and is widely used by beekeepers to control varroa. This is because bees are less susceptible to it than are mites.

Amitraz can work by direct contact or vapor action.

Whether amitraz works purely by direct contact, or does it reach the mites by vapor action? If by direct contact only, then distribution of the chemical within the hive would be from bees rubbing against the strip (or other application matrix), with subsequent contact to the mite from a bee rubbing a contaminated leg over the mite, or the mite walking over molecules of amitraz on a bee’s cuticle. And since amitraz is soluble in beeswax, mites could be exposed to it (or its degradation products) there. Anyway, amitraz is generally considered to be a “contact miticide".



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Lingman Amitraz

【Product Name】Lingman Amitraz

【Generic Name】Amitraz Solution                         


【Description】This product is light yellow clear liquid.

【Pharmacological Actions】Amitraz is an insecticide, which is effective against various mites, ticks, flies, lice, etc. It is mainly a contact poison, and has both stomach poison and internal drug abuse. The insecticidal effect of amitraz is to some extent related to its inhibition of monoamine oxidase, which is an enzyme involved in the metabolism of amine neurotransmitters in the nervous system of ticks and mites. Due to the action of amitraz, the blood-sucking arthropods are overexcited, so that they cannot absorb the surface of the animal and fall off. The insecticidal effect of this product is relatively slow. Generally, lice and ticks can fall off the body surface 24 hours after application, and mites can fall off the skin of the affected area within 48 hours. One-time medication can maintain the drug effect for 6-8 weeks, and protect the carcass from being attacked by ectoparasites. In addition, it also has a strong insecticidal effect on Varroa jacobsoni and tropilaelaps clareae.

【Indications】Pesticide. Mainly used to kill mites, but also to kill ticks, lice and other ectoparasites.

【Dosage& Administration】

Medicinal bath, sprinkling or rubbing: make a 0.025%-0.05% solution;

Spray:for bees, make a 0.1% solution, 1000ml is used for 200 frames of bees.

2ml mixed with water 1000ml. The nozzle ofthe watering can is sprayed at an angle of 45 degrees to the honeycomb. It is advisable to spray until there is a layer of mist on the surface of the bees. 1000ml is used for 200 frames of bees. Spray once every 3 days, 3~4 times in a row is a course of treatment.

【Adverse Reactions】

(1)The toxicity of this product is low, but horses are sensitive.

(2)Slightly irritating to skin and mucous membranes.


(1) It is forbidden to administer this product when the temperature is higher than 35 degrees or lower than 10 degrees (bees have clustered).

(2) For livestock that produces milk for human consumption,it must not be administered this product during the lactation period; For bees that produce honey for human consumption,it must not be administered this product during the nectar flow period.

(3) It is highly toxic to fish and is prohibited. Do not pollute fish ponds and rivers with the liquid medicine.

(4) Horses are sensitive, please use this product with caution.

(5) This product is irritating to the skin. When using it, prevent the liquid from contaminating the skin and eyes.

【Withdrawal Time】21 days for cattle and sheep;8 days for pigs; It is not requried to be determined for bees.



【Storage】Keep it sealed and away from light

【Shelf Life】2 Years



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Thank you

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