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TROPISULF - Sublimed Sulfur for Tropilaelaps Mite Treatment

TROPISULF - Sublimed Sulfur for Tropilaelaps Mite Treatment

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  • Effective Solution: TROPISULF is a potent sublimed sulfur paste specifically designed for the treatment of Tropilaelaps Clareae and Varroa mites.
  • Easy to Use: Use TROPISULF with the brush, making it easy for beekeepers to administer the treatment to the honeycombs.

TROPISULF - Sublimed Sulfur for Tropilaelaps Mite TreatmentTROPISULF - Sublimed Sulfur for Tropilaelaps Mite TreatmentTROPISULF - Sublimed Sulfur for Tropilaelaps Mite TreatmentTROPISULF - Sublimed Sulfur for Tropilaelaps Mite TreatmentTROPISULF - Sublimed Sulfur for Tropilaelaps Mite TreatmentTROPISULF - Sublimed Sulfur for Tropilaelaps Mite Treatment


    【Product Name】TROPISULF Sublimated Sulfur Paste

    【Main Ingredients】Sublimed sulfur, water.


    【Descriptions】TROPISULF is a light yellow or yellow viscous substance.

    【Pharmacological Action】When sublimed sulfur comes into contact with the epidermis, it transforms into pentasulfuric acid, which can dissolve the epidermal keratin, soften the epidermis, and exhibit acaricidal and bactericidal effects.

    【Action and Purpose】It effectively kills Tropilaelaps Clareae on honeybees and has disinfectant properties.

    【Administration and Dosage】

    1. Application Period: It is best to apply TROPISULF on a sunny day with a temperature between 20°C and 30°C.
    1. Before each use, shake the product vigorously, and dip the brush into the emulsion until it does not drip. Evenly apply it to the brood combs of the sealed cappings. Note that DO NOT administer TROPISULF on the brood honeycombs without cappings. When the disease is severe, apply medication one more time after 10 to 15 days.
    1. Reduce the dosage when the temperature is higher than 30°C. It is not suitable to use the product when the temperature is below 20°C.

    【Adverse Reactions】TROPISULF has no significant adverse reactions on healthy bee colonies. Excessive dosage may affect royal jelly production, reduce larval jelly, and, in severe cases, lead to unhatched eggs and even the queen bee not laying eggs.


    1. According to the different conditions of your bee colonies, you must choose 2-3 colonies for trial use before medication. Observe for more than 24 hours to determine the medication plan for your beekeeping operation.
    2. Do not use TROPISULF when the bee colony is in abnormal conditions such as sugar deficiency, bee colony relocation, initial colony establishment, or other abnormal situations., as well as during rainy days and periods prone to robbing behavior.


    【Storage】Store in a sealed container in a cool and dry place.

    【Shelf Life】2 years

    【Manufacturer】Sichuan Lingman Bee Research Institute

    【Address】Economic Development Zone, Meishan City, Sichuan Province

    【Production Batch Number】

    【Production Date】

    【SALES COMPANY】Chengdu Flybee Trading Co., Ltd.



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