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BEE-BESTIE Honey Bee Supplements

BEE-BESTIE Honey Bee Supplements

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Looking to promote the health and population of your honey bees? Look no further than BEE-BESTIE Bee Nutrition Supplements! Our specially formulated bee feeds include a unique blend of organic probiotic supplements that enhance bee immunity, promote colony health, and increase bee population.

BEE-BESTIE Mixed Microorganism Bee Feeds are an effective adjuvant therapy treatment for common bee diseases such as European and American foulbrood, bee chalkbrood disease, sacbrood disease, and Chronic bee paralysis. Our high-quality beekeeping supplies and bee nutrition products provide your bees with the essential nutrients they need to thrive and stay healthy.

With BEE-BESTIE, you can increase your bee population and boost their overall health and longevity. Order BEE-BESTIE Mixed Microorganism Bee Feeds today and experience the difference!


Notice: This product has undergone a lot of experiments in China, mainly to strengthen the bee colony and increase bee production and bee populations in beehive. The therapeutic effect mentioned in this product is adjuvant therapy and can not replace medicines.


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Bacillus Subtitles,Lactobacillus,Clostridium Butyricum Metabolite,Rhodotorula Benthica and Antimicrobial Metabolites,Carrier Thereof

PHARMACOLOGICAL ACTIONS】The product is to enhance organism immunity of bees for health care, increase the output and quality of bee products; efficiently prevent and cure the European and American foulbrood, bee chalkbrood disease, sacbrood disease, Chronic bee paralysis and other common diseases.


1.Disease Prophylaxis and Health Care:

Mix BEE BESTIE and syrupwell at a ratio of 1:800~1600in bee feeders, feed bees 2~3 times per week, continuously use it for more than one month.

Mix BEE BESTIE and syrupwell at a ratio of 1:800~1600in bee frames, feed bees 2~3 times per week, continuously use it for more than one month.

2.Disease Therapy:

Mix BEE BESTIEand sugar water(sugar:water=1:1.2)well at ratio of 1:100~200, spray the bees, bee combs and beehives with the mixture as long as the bees get moist. Spray 200~300ml every standard colony every other day. Keep using 5~7 times as a course of treatment.(1 full cap of the the bottle is about 10g; 1 cap is enough for 1.5kg sprayer)  


1.Do not get BEE BESTIEcombined used with sterilization and disinfection medicines, it should be at intervals of more than three days if you have to.

2.Varroa mites need to be totally eliminated before carrying out bee disease prophylaxis.

3.It will not affect the usage and effect If this product caking.

4.This product can be sprayed to the cells directly, proper overuse will not affect bee larva.

5.The insolubles when mixing this product and sugar water are dispersant, which will not effect the result; Take the supernate or filter with tela after standing the solution for a while when you spray. It will not affect the usage and effect If this product caking.

6.The concentrationof syrup should be the same as conventional feeding. The sugar water should be at low concentration when spraying, normally sugarand wateris at ratio of 1:1. 2.


SHELF LIFE】1.5 Years  

STORAGE】Store in cool, ventilated and dry place. Keep away from any toxic or hazardous substances.



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