Red de bij, red de wereld.

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  Chengdu Flybee Trading Co.,Ltd. is a subsidiary & sales company of Sichuan Lingman Biotechnology Co.,Ltd., which is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of bee medicine and animal ectoparasite medicines, with registered capital 6 Million Yuan. Production base locates in China honey hometown—Western Medicine Vally in Meishan City of Sichuan Province.

    Our core team of Sichuan Lingman Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has been developing research in anti-varroa mites medicines since 1996. Since the product is put into the market, it has won the trust and support of consumers with its excellent anti-mite effect and safety. In 2021, Lingman Bio. invested in a new fourth-generation factory in Meishan City, Sichuan Province, and passed the new national veterinary drug GMP certification at one time in January 2022. Our company has modern fully automatic production equipment.On the basis of retaining the safety and efficiency of the original products, our company applys new process technique to comprehensively improve product quality. While reducing drug resistance, it also greatly improves the durability and effectiveness of medicines.

   Our company will continue to move forward with business concept of "Solving the Problem of Bee Varroa Mites", and sincerely thanks beekeeping friends and distributors for your long-term company. It is because of love, we will redouble our efforts; It is because of you and me who love beekeeping that beekeeping business worldwide will be more glorious and brilliant.

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          —— Veterinary Drug Production Certificate ——

Veterinary drug production license

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Veterinary Drug GMP Certificate

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