Using APIBUZZ Tau-Fluvalinate Strips for Varroa Control Beekeeping Supply

Using APIBUZZ® Tau-Fluvalinate Strips for Varroa Control Beekeeping Supply

     Conventional means of varroa control involve synthetic pesticides being administered to a colony by placing plastic strips impregnated with the active chemical within the hive.

     APIBUZZ®. One brand of the pesticides to be approved by the GMP for the control of varroa mites.The trade name is fluvalinate (a synthetic pyrethroid) strip. It is sold as a plastic strip impregnated with the active pesticide, and the strips are hung between the frames of a hive just outside of the brood nest. Fluvalinate is a contact pesticide and provides up to 100% control of varroa mites when properly used. In recent years, however, there has been increasing reports of varroa mites developing resistance to this pesticide. It is highly recommended, therefore, that Apibuzz® be rotated with other treatments to reduce the development of resistance to chemical control by the mites and to ensure its efficacy.     

       Apibuzz® tau-fluvalinate strips have 3 series for varroa treatment.They are Apifluva-Pro,Apifluva,Ins Fluva. Apifluva is for basic bee mite prevention and treatment. Does no harm to honey bees;Apifluva-Pro is a powerful type of bee varroa mite prevention and control, and has a strong killing effect on bee mites with strong drug resistance;Ins Fluva is used for mild varroa mite treatment.The less dose you administer,the less residual will be.


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