Traditional Varroa Treatment -- APIFLUME Flumethrin Strips

A Traditional Way of Applying to Varroa Treatment -- APIFLUME® Flumethrin Strips

       Varroa destructor is extremely destructive and a major factor in Colony Collapse Disorder.
       Although they originally adapted to exploit Asian honey bee (Apis cerana), Varroa has more recently adapted to using the European honey bee (Apis mellifera) as its host. It feeds on the haemolymph (blood) of bee larvae and adult bees. These external parasites also spread viruses, wreaking further havoc in the hive.

       There is a widely selection of Varroa mite control products for beekeepers in beekeeping industry.Plastic strips impregnated with 3.6 mg flumethrin are hung in beehives for the diagnosis and treatment of varroatosis in honeybees. APIFLUME® flumethrin strip is approved by Veterinary Drug GMP for the control of varroa mites. APIFLUME® is added with synergist to reduce resistance for killing varroa mites.Usually administer 1 strip for 10-frame beehive. The best effect in a sunny day!Please do not use it during honey flow seasons.


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